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Image Boxers PA230C: Jersey knit pants

Our jersey knit color unisex lounge pants with an elastic waist.

We can get virtually unlimited colors/styles with custom orders. Contact us if you don't see the color/style you want.


YS, S, M, 2XL, XL, YL, 3XL, YM, YXL, YXS, XS, L, 4XL
XS, YXS, M, YS, XL, YM, S, 2XL, L, YXL, 4XL, 3XL, YL
Athletic Heather
2XL, L, XL, 4XL, S, YL, YS, 3XL, YXL, YM, YXS, M, XS
XS, M, XL, YXL, S, YM, 4XL, YS, 2XL, YL, YXS, L, 3XL
XS, YL, 3XL, L, 4XL, YM, M, 2XL, YXS, XL, YS, S, YXL
YS, YXS, L, XL, 4XL, M, 3XL, S, YL, 2XL, XS, YXL, YM